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The park

Flowering plants, lawns, meadows and trees provide a lovely setting for relaxing, taking a walk or investigating the story of Peel Park.

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Plants & wildlife

Our friendly park and the surrounding land provides a natural habitat for a number of different wildlife and plant species.

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Educational visits

Our park rangers are involved in educational schemes and local primary schools are welcome to organise trips.

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Play area

Something the little ones can get excited about, our play area is one of the most exciting new additions to our park.

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Sports and leisure

Peel Park is currently undergoing a £1.6m refurbishment, bringing the park back to its former glory.

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Online park games

Our online game combines children’s love for technology and their adventurous spirit.

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Portrait of Joseph Brothren

Joseph Brotherton MP


Salford’s first MP, founding member of the Vegetarian Society and campaigner for workers’ rights and a reformer.

Brotherton believed in opening education up for all and was a passionate promoter of Peel Park.  He was known for his simple dress and always wore a fresh flower in his button hole.

“The object of the philanthropist is to diminish as much as possible the amount of human misery, and, on the other hand to increase as much as possible the amount of human happiness,”