Volunteer clearing vegetation

The general public have helped us with litter picks, and with the planting of new specimen trees from various different continents. Students from the university have helped to plant wild flower bed and cut back invasive vegetation around the park. Soon there will be projects for you to volunteer on too.

Volunteering can open up a whole new learning experience, where you can gain skills and knowledge on topics including horticulture, biodiversity and habitat management. You can also get involved in our programme of recreation and heritage activities, alongside the Park Keepers. You might even reach a stage where you can host your own events and guided walks.

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Our volunteering programmes will be available to many different groups, including businesses and university students. There will be a wide range of opportunities and bespoke sessions to suit any age or ability.

We plan to achieve this by working in conjunction with partner organisations, enabling us to meet the needs of each individual group from regular weekly gardening to one-off special events or tasks.  We can provide tools and equipment and any materials needed.  All activities are risk assessed and training in the use of any tools is included.

If you’d like to find out more about group or individual volunteering at the park, get in touch with us via our contact form.